Safe and Soundly Built
Safety begins with a durable airframe. To prove its strength and reliability, the airframe is stress-tested five times the aircraft’s standard lifetime. Maybe that’s why Citation aircraft have logged more than 20 million flight hours, and taken off and landed more than 18 million times.
To increase consistency, certain cockpit commonalities exist across the entire line of Citations. Though various models use different brands of avionics, we work closely with engineers to ensure similar switchology (switches in the same location) so pilots can transition more smoothly between models. In addition, every Citation cockpit is designed with a clean overhead so pilots can keep their eyes where they can do the most good.
They have a saying around Cessna: "Any new part, structure or material has to earn its way onto our aircraft." That means BOCH Jet has been tested exhaustively to prove its durability and reliability. Take landing gear, for instance. It's stress-tested to last five times its normal lifetime for every Citation model. Unnecessary? To some, perhaps. It's just another example of Citation's dedication to providing you some of the safest aircraft in the world.