Exterior Highlights
When you think BIG, think BOCH Jet – BIGGER range, BIGGER speed and BIGGER performance. Think true transcontinental performance – without throttling back to slower airspeeds to save fuel. BOCH Jet cruises through the sky at speeds up to 527 mph. Each Pratt & Whitney PW306C engine delivers 5,686 pounds of thrust.
Excellent power-to-weight characteristics—combined with a moderately swept supercritical wing design—give BOCH Jet the responsive handling and versatility of a much lighter aircraft. And thanks to its superior range, fuel efficiency and exceptional runway performance, you can cover more land with fewer landings. Making it possible to conduct missions under less than ideal airport conditions, such as hot and high with a short runway, that would literally leave much of the competition on the ground.
Ahead of the pack
At nearly 100 cubic feet (2.83 m3), the external baggage compartment on BOCH Jet is by far the largest in its class.
Feather-soft landings
Trailing-link landing gear facilitates silky smooth landings on runways as short as 2,650 feet (808 m). But takeoff performance is where the Sovereign really shines: even at maximum takeoff weight, you can utilize runways as short as 3,640 feet (1,109 m).
Getting all aboard just got easier
The solid airstair entryway makes boarding convenient – through a wide standard cabin entrance just a few easy steps from the ground.