Interior Highlights
BOCH Jet features a full-size, stand-up cabin that is more than 24 feet long. There's plenty of room for eight passengers in double-club seating, or up to 9 passengers in other configurations. The leather seating, luxurious wood, lavish restroom and full bar will make you think you're in a 5 star hotel. With more than 620 cubic feet of passenger space, BOCH Jet is the largest aircraft in its class. Nearly 100-cubic-feet of heated baggage space which is accessible from the outside, so guests won't be disrupted by luggage being loaded.
Cover as much territory as BOCH Jet does, and you’ll soon come to realize that cabin comfort is an absolute necessity. As you speed across time zones and continents, the freedom to stand up, walk around, stretch out and relax is essential to keeping your mind sharp and your energy high. Not to worry. The Sovereign’s 68 inches (1.73 m) of stand-up comfort extends the entire length of its more than 25-foot (7.7 m) cabin. In all, this spacious 620-cubic-foot (17.56 m3) interior is significantly larger than others in its class.
The long-range BOCH Jet provides a long-range cabin with standard seating for nine passengers. The fully-equipped BOCH Jet features a refreshment center with two hot beverage tanks, a private lavatory with hot and cold water vanity and center line closet with room for garment bags, coats and other carry-on items. External storage is enormous with 100 cubic feet (2.8 m3) of baggage storage available.