BOCH Jet's Honeywell Epic avionics suite is among the most advanced ever offered in a business jet. It provides pilots with all the information they need in a manner that's easy to interpret. The heart of the fully integrated system is the Honeywell Epic system – large 8 x 10-inch active matrix color liquid-crystal displays that equip pilots with flight, engine and navigation information.
Fulfilling the long-range missions that BOCH Aviation is capable of requires a flight deck that delivers proven global avionics performance. Which is why Cessna engineers equipped BOCH Jet with the Honeywell Epic™ avionics suite. This supremely capable system integrates some of the most advanced navigation and flight control capabilities ever offered in this category of business jet, including electronic charts and approach plate capability. Meaning that BOCH Aviation won’t just take you to far-away places. We’ll take you far into the future as well.
Integrated Systems
The system’s centerpiece is a quartet of 8 x 10-inch (.20 x .25 m) LCD displays. For optimum situational awareness, two Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) depict aircraft attitude, altitude, airspeed, vertical speed and heading references at the pilot’s and copilot’s stations. These PFDs flank two centrally mounted displays – one serving as a Multi-Function Display (MFD), and the other as an Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) panel. Radio tuning is also presented on the MFD displays, and is controlled by cursor control devices located in the center pedestal or through either FMS. Reversionary switching from either PFD to the central displays provides backup redundancy.
Flight Management System
Dual Honeywell flight management systems (FMS) are integrated into the standard Epic system for full flight-regime navigation management and feature a worldwide navigation database. The system incorporates dual GPS receivers, VOR-DME and DME-DME cross-reference for highly accurate positioning anywhere around the globe. Vertical navigation and GPS approach capabilities are also included.